Who We Are?

Our dogs do not live in a kennel environment. Our house is their home and has been modified to accommodate them. Rooms have been set up with air conditioners for the summer months and heated for the cold

The back yard is a 1/4 acres fenced in area full of toys, a swimming pool and a shaded area for hours of play and socialization. We recently added to the fun by including an agility set.  Still in the box for the winter but we are looking forward to introducing this new fun to the kids. 

What we “ARE”!

We are above all, lovers of the breed.  We produce very limited numbers of puppies per year.  Our girls are not bred every season.  They get lots of time off to enjoy family life.  The dogs you see on this site really and truly are all we have.  There are no dogs hidden in the back.  We will proudly post any new members of our family.  We do not toss our retired dogs out.  They are retired and they remain here with us as the family members they have always been.  On occasion if we think it is for the best of the dog we may consider letting one go to the right family.  The situation has to be perfect.  When I need to replace a dog I actively seek out better bloodlines to improve upon what I have now.  Thankfully there are so many helpful breeders that are on the same page as I am.

What we are NOT!

We are not a puppy mill!  Our puppies are precious and few.  We will not sell to pet stores or anyone who breeds to supply pet stores.  We prefer our much loved angels go to homes where they will be loved forever and be family members and best friends, not just “the dog”.  So, if you are a broker, pet store owner or puppy mill owner do not contact me. I require references and do check them.  We do not promote our dogs or any puppies as being show dogs.  The potential may be there but I don’t show so I can not say if there is a potential show dog or puppy in a litter. Maybe someday the showbug will bite me but right now I just have fun playing and raising my pups.